We prefer flattering mid or long designer dresses or jumpsuits for age 25-45 in this week. Your idea of the whole clothes will be removed color/print and asked by 'Do you like it?', the score will be a part of your average rating.

  Select Type Details   Rewards  
  Have an idea
You have an idea of design inspiration. It will be in a clothes photo. You needn't draw and design software skill is not required.   Share 5% sales revenue with template and/or design owners; 3% sales revenue if your idea is selected as a template.  
  Submit a design Select one of our templates and complete with inseams, details or colors. Your own picture or Chic Star team draw it for you.   $1 for a valid design of your own picture; share 5% sales revenue with template and/or idea owners.  
  Vote a design Yes or no.   One cent benchmark credit will be multiplied by the sum of your 30-day average score rating if a valid Idea / Design / Photo is received in requested categories during credits transfer week.