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Lalita - Why Empty? Emptiness fills the air, the room, the look on their faces. However, I dread the longing, the laughter, the thoughts within me - they give me no space, no room to grow, to grive, to be! Why do they fill me with thoughts of plague and suffering, of nonsense and their shame? I question every detail tearing it apart with an analytical eye. Yet I am surprised that I find no joy in this quest as it serves me not - only wastes my time, energy and my life! So why do I pursue with such vigor and hunger? Because the bittersweet craving is the drug and the antidote for what was, what is and yet to become. Pain or pleasure? - Life or death, try both my love? Fear not the demons - for they are the fear within their fear, they play you as they play themselves with loss and grief. They are the losers, the weeping willows, the plague and suffering, greed-lust-sin and war & death. Answer: The last fight, the last dance and the sweetest kiss of LalitaKali's victory! 
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