Photo Submission Guidelines

Submit your photo to us
You must wear one of your Chic Star clothes to take the photo. Your Chic Star clothes must be one of currently listed products in our website. You must be the only person and your face and clothes must be at least 3/4 visible in the photo. Send the photo using the form to the right. Your photo may be changed in several manners before display, including but not limited to resize, crop, color adjust and background remove etc.*
Money back with 300 votes
If you submit 300 design or photo votes during the week of photo submission, we guarantee that no less than half of your product payment will be credited to account balance after batch transfer of the same week.** Every approved photo is qualified to enter our contest in Chic Star website. We will credit $1 for each photo to your account after your photo contest completes.
If your photo is a winner
Winner's photo will be visible in Shop section and product page of and its reseller websites. The winner will receive 1% sales revenue sharing of the same product in the same color and/or print.***

* Subject to one photo per product per customer.
** Subject to one photo per week per customer.
*** Credits can be used to shop at Chic Star website or withdrawn to your Paypal account with a minimum of $10.