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My name is Beth Quall but most know me as Beth Amphetamine (It's just a clever name and has nothing to do with actual amphetamines. Don't have a cow.) I'm a photographer and a makeup artist.. I'm 23 years old. I own my own cosmetics company called Belladonna's Cupboard. We specialize in eye shadows that are just as bright on your skin as they are in the pot. I've been designing my own clothes since I was a child.. I fully admit that I'm not very good at drawing, but I draw all of my designs by hand, and then edit the drawings in photoshop.. adding color and cleaning up the lines.. This is how I have always done it, and how I always will. I might get lower scores than those who use fashion designing software, but I know I put a lot of effort into my designs, and that's all that matters. 
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