in Georgia, United States
I submitted 189 entries including 2 accepted.
I received 936.94 credits from ChicStar.com.
I'm Aja, I'm thrilled to have found Chicstar! No other place has such amazing opportunities to participate and make extra money helping make fashions we want to wear. When I'm not participating here and hoping one of my original designs makes the cut, I do my own hand sewn custom clothing and accessories-made from fabric I design from old school smut (NSFW in a cheeky sort of way) You can find my fabric designs for sale on spoonflower . com under "tits and pigtails" check it out! https://www.spoonflower.com/profiles/tits&pigtails I love when people love my designs enough to buy it far more than the small comission I get from it- that just basically keeps me able to keep releasing new ones! Proudly self employed creative freelancer for 15 years and counting, thanks to chicstar and this awesome community for being part of that! 
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